Speech Essentials was created by an ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist for parents and therapists to supplement therapy for speech delays. Ensuring that therapy feels like play is critical to maintaining engagement and getting the most out of the time spent with children in therapy. This speech app provides that fun environment!

This is a complete articulation therapy program that includes a wide variety of activities. These include flashcards with professional pictures and built in audio cues (word AND sentence level), a mirror function to allow children to see themselves while they practice forming sounds, and several engaging games to make practicing speech fun.

Try Speech Essentials for FREE!

Try Speech Essentials for FREE!

If you are an SLP or a parent who is looking for a new way to have fun working with kids on their speech, download this app and try the B sound out for free. Then, if you like how it works, download the sound you would like to focus on at a reasonable cost. You can also download the full suite of sounds at a deeply discounted rate to meet a variety of articulation needs.

try the b sound

This full suite version of the app includes all 23 consonant sounds in the English language including blends, multi-syllabic words, sentences, and phrases. The ability to isolate the sound in the initial, medial, or final position during therapy is built into the app. Best of all the app contains thousands of images and sound recordings to provide a variety of fresh stimuli, session after session.

Speech Essentials